The main activity of our company is wholesale of glass, mirror and special types of glass.
We specialize in supplying of flat glass (architectural and interior) in a wide assortment.
The "Gualos company " fulfiles delivery of float glass, tinted, energy-saving, wired and figured glass and mirrors from leading European and world producers, such as "AGC", "GUARDIAN", "PILKINGTON", "SAINT-GOBAIN". Our company develops high-quality production of cutting and glass processing and manufacturing of certified glass with selective properties, with wired glass, etc.
Assortment of architectural glass and mirrors:

     - Float-glass 2-19mm (max. size 3210x6000mm);
     - Tinted in the mass and on the surface;
- Glass with a self-cleaning technology;
     - Energy-saving;
     - Safe (
wired glass, laminated glass, tempered);
- Frosted (satin, decorative);
     - Patterned glass;
     - Sheet mirror which is based on silver (coloured and colourless, for wardrobes, large sizes).